MTCP Whole Coffee Beans

This is our premium 1KG bag.

A rich smooth Arabica coffee grown organically on our estate. Moderately low in caffeine, it is ideal as an after dinner coffee or for those that don't require a full caffeine hit.

Our Organic Coffee has a light caramel flavour and is naturally sweet due to the climatic growing conditions and the fact that it is picked and processed by hand, ensuring only the ripest high quality beans are used.

We then give the beans a medium roast which we think compliments the flavour without losing any of their unique characteristics.

This coffee is very popular and we supply a number of quality caf├ęs, wineries, restaurants and serious individuals with it, both nationally and internationally.

Did you know that "Organic Coffee" from countries with malaria problems may contain high levels of D.D.T. (Dichloro-Diphenyl-Trichloroethane pesticide)!? Although the plants may be grown organically, once the beans leave the farms they are exposed to a cocktail of chemicals throughout transit, especially at ports of departure and entry.

Any "green" food product packed in hessian sacking stacked on wooden pallets from a third world country or similar generates a lot of interest from quarantine officers, and rightly so.

Products specifications
Bean Type MTCP Beans
Bean Style Whole Beans
Weights Available 250g / 1Kg
Price Per 250g bag $13
Price per 1kg bag $50
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